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Posters - IPFD 3rd International Dog Health Workshop 1.0.0

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About This File

This file contains a collection of posters prepared for IPFD's 3rd International Dog Health Workshop Held in Paris, April of 2017.


Ian Seath Dachshunds.pdf  - 2.98 MB

Kelly Arthur IPFD Poster_Jan 2017.pdf - 509.29 kB

ORIVET_Dog Health.pdf - 5.27 MB

Orivet-VGA_poster-A0_v1-6-1.pdf - 3.22 MB

Shizhi Wang_Benefits from intergration of international data.pdf - 622.01 kB

Shizhi Wang_More health data needed for purebred dog.pdf - 624.84 kB

Stull ACVIM poster (FINAL).pdf - 612.89 kB

Welfare Program for Dogs in Commercial Breeding Facilities A0.pdf - 622.66 kB




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