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Audio file - 3rd DHW Plenary Sessions Recording 1.0.0

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About This File

This file contains a downloadable mp3 recording of Plenary Sessions from the 3rd International Dog Health Workshop held in Paris - April 2017.


Presenters included on this recording are as follows:


SCC Official Opening Address  0:00-4:45

Introduction - Welcome

Pekka Olsen 4:50-10:00

(IPFD) International collaboration/Dog Health Workshops



Presenters spoke for approximately 15 minutes each.


Catherine Andre 10:12-26:00

Title of talk:

Development of a validated DNA test – an example of collaboration with breeders, breed clubs and researchers

Rowena Packer 26:26-42:50

Title of talk:

International developments relative to issues in brachycephalic dogs.

Ian Seath 43:00-53:30

Title of talk:

A total package: Innovative research, programs and communication by the Dachshund Breed Council

Jasen Stull 53:40-1:09:00

Title of talk:

The big picture: Communication and education about antimicrobial resistance

Sophia Malm 1:09:15-1:21-35

Title of talk:

Integrating data from various sources for breed health strategies

Aimee Llewellyn 1:21:58-1:35:50

Title of talk:

Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs (+Poster)

Paula Boyden 1:36:10-1:51:33

Title of talk:

The intersection of welfare and behaviour in dogs and relation to health and breeding

Brenda Bonnett 1:51:50-end

Title of talk:

International efforts; IPFD; breakout instructions (+Poster)



Speaker biographies and further details are located HERE.

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