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Kennel Club Regulations

Official documents.

5 files

  1. The Norwegian Kennel Club: Breeding Strategies & Ethical Rules and Regulations for Breeding (Code of Ethics)

    The Norwegian Kennel Club: Breeding strategies & Ethical rules and regulations for breeding.
    This document is relevant to Breeding, Breed-Specific Health Strategies and Animal Welfare, in addition to its parent category: Ethical and Breeding Guidelines (and Regulations).

    Provided by Astrid Indrebø
    One of our DogWellNet Experts



  2. Finnish Kennel Club: General Breeding Strategy

    Finnish Kennel Club: General Breeding Strategy - see article under Breeding.



  3. The Norwegian Kennel Club Breeding rules and strategies 8-2015

    The Norwegian Kennel Club (NKK) has a long tradition promoting healthy dog breeding through education and cooperation with breeders and breed clubs. It is our true belief that this is far more beneficial to the dogs’ health and welfare than excessive rules and restrictions. Our vision is that through this inclusive breeding strategy, based on education, knowledge and respect, we will breed the healthiest dogs in Europe.
    This document provides an overview of breeding strategies and Ethical rules and regulations for breeding - Code of Ethics.



  4. Breeding Dogs In Sweden

    Swedish Kennel Club: Code of Ethics, Breeding Policy, and Ethical Guidelines. This document describes general obligations and breed ethics as well as guidelines for ethical breeding.



  5. The Norwegian Kennel Club’s Anti-Doping Rules

    The Norwegian Kennel Club’s anti-doping rules
    Approved by the NKK Board 11. December 2013, valid from 1. January 2014
    Provided by By Astrid Indrebø


    One of our DogWellNet Experts

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