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    • Spotlight 2020.png

    2021 IPFD Annual Report Final.pngIPFD Annual Report 2021:
    A World of Change




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    In recent weeks, we have shared in the free world's grief following Russia’s attack on an independent, peaceful Ukraine. We are following the situation in shock and hope for an end to the suffering and the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine.






    pawprintblackgradient.thumb.pngNews & Highlights


    IPFD News

    • As announced previously, Dr. Brenda Bonnett (founder and first CEO of IPFD), stepped down from her leadership role at the end of October 2021, and Dr. Katariina Mäki currently oversees the day-to-day activities of the organization as its Acting CEO.

      We are now calling for applications for the CEO role – a part-time consultant position that entails overall responsibility for IPFD’s operations. Please refer to the document below for a description of the duties, responsibilities, and requirements for the IPFD CEO. We ask that you please share this information with prospective candidates within your professional and personal networks.

      Skills for IPFD CEO March 2022.docx

      The deadline for submitting applications (via email to is Friday, April 15, 2022.









    Breeds Resources


    Breed of the Month

    This Month We Feature the Belgian Shepherds

    Brief Description: The Belgian shepherd is a true working dog in all its varieties. Some varieties have a special working line. Police, army, and border control have utilized the Malinois variety for decades. Belgians work in all working dog trials, including search and rescue (SAR), tracking, herding and of course participate in other activities like agility, obedience, dock diving and barn hunt. Loyal and intense, the dogs enjoy every activity with their owners.



    NEW: Get a GRIHP! on Belgian Shepherds is part of a series to highlight the Big Picture of health, welfare, and breeding and to help develop Globally Relevant Integrated Health Profiles (GRIHPs) for many breeds.




    Learn more about the Belgian Shepherds in our  Pedigree Breeds database:

    Belgian Shepherd Dog/ Groenendael Belgian Shepherd Dog/ Laekenois  Belgian Shepherd Dog/ Malinois  Belgian Shepherd Dog/ Tervueren





    Pedigree Breeds Database Updates

    We routinely add and update breed pages in our Pedigree Breeds Database.

    New Breeds:

    Poodle, Medium

    poodle medium.pngBrief Description: Originally the medium poodle was bred to be a hunting dog, specializing in retrieving birds from water. Today's dogs are versatile companions that compete in different dog sports/performance events. Poodles are well known competitors in the conformation show rings. The medium poodle is recognized by F.C.I. in European countries along with the other poodle sizes; variety data is from same resources. Size for the medium poodle is listed in the F.C.I. breed standard as between 35-45 cm. The AKC and UK Kennel Club do not recognize the medium poodle.

    Learn more about the Medium Poodle in our Pedigree Breeds Database.



    IPFD Partners in Action



    You can also view previous editions of Dog Breeds: What You Need to Know in our archive article here on





    • IPFD Contributing Partner Société Centrale Canine (the French Kennel Club) translated its analysis of their 2021 French studbook statistics in English (French studbook statistics - favourite breeds in France and French Studbook statistics - French Breeds). Download attachment below:

    Traduction LOF 2021 French studbook statistics - favourite breeds in France.docx

    Traduction LOF 2021 French Studbook statistics - French Breeds.docx





    • Harmonization of Genetic Testing (HGTD) Project Initiator Partner, Embark Veterinary, and Hill’s Pet Nutrition have partnered on the largest research study to date investigating genetic risk factors that may lead to Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM). This late-onset heart condition affects both purebred and mixed-breed dogs alike. If your dog has been diagnosed with DCM, simply submit an intake form for your dog, and the research team will be in touch.








    Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs (HGTD)


    Ask Aimee

    Aimee 2.jpg
    Our HGTD Project Manager, Aimee Llewellyn-Zaidi, provides answers to your questions on canine genetic testing in Ask Aimee.

    If you’d like to submit a question to Aimee, please email her at


    Get Involved in HGTD!
    We welcome additional participant GTPs, more collaborators from any stakeholders concerned with dog health and welfare, the advice of experts, the participation of breed clubs and other consumer groups. We stand ready to provide more information to ongoing discussions.

    HGTD-logo-10-27-2020-web-png.pngPlease feel free to contact us as we work together for healthy dogs and to support those who breed and own them: IPFD Veterinary Science Officer, Dr. Brenda Bonnett and/or HGTD Project Manager, Aimee Llewellyn-Zaidi.






    Spotlight 2020.png


    IPFD Annual Report 2021:
    A World of Change





    2021 IPFD Annual Report Final.png

    We're proud to present our latest Annual Report 2021: A World of Change.

    See what we accomplished together in our seventh full year of operation and our plans to advance our mission of enhancing dog health, well-being, and welfare and to support human-dog interactions.

    Thanks to everyone who has supported IPFD and participated in our work!

    The 2021 Annual Report includes the following sections:

    • From the CEO
    • From the Chair
    • Our Guiding Principles
    • Who We Are/What We Do
    • Our Board and Officers
    • Our Consultants
    • Our Contributors
    • Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs
    • 2021: Key Accomplishments
    • Administration
    • IPFD in 2022: Navigating a Changing World



    View Our 2021 Annual Report Here





    pawprintblackgradient.thumb.pngMake a Donation186765109_piggybank.jpg

    IPFD is truly a "people driven" service organization. We allocate the bulk of our financial resources to maintain a small but dedicated team of consultants to manage our modest resources and facilitate the activities of our stakeholders, with the aim of achieving our collective goals.

    You can specify how your donation is used (support IPFD and its programs and activities OR support the Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs). All donations are handled securely via PayPal.

    Click Here to Make a Donation Now 




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