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Veterinary Cancer Glossary - Help for Tough Discussions

Brenda Bonnett

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Veterinary Cancer Glossary - Help for Tough Discussions


Veterinary-client communication is key to good care for our pets, and a new resource to support owners and vets is now available from IPFD partner World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA). 

Let's face it - cancer/neoplasia can be a complex subject to discuss and even harder to comprehend when one is faced with the emotional aspects of a challenging diagnosis. The Veterinary Oncology Glossary provides an understandable source of information that can be used by veterinarians and their clients.

 The Veterinary Oncology Glossary is:

  • Concise and clear, with helpful images
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Contains common terms around the diagnosis, treatment, and management of cancer.

Vet Oncology Glossary image.png

Download the English version here:     Veterinary Oncology Glossary-WOW-13.11.2021.pdf

Go to the Oncology Working Group site to learn more or download in other languages. - is the link.... and you will see this:



rr and other cancer.png


Unfortunately, cancer is very common in some breeds and can happen in any dog.  This chart of Swedish data shows high and low risk breeds and ages at death. 

(From Get a GRIHP on Rhodesian Ridgebacks)


We all know someone who is affected by cancer.  The WSAVA glossary resource can help us understand the terminology and communicate with others.




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