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Ways to Participate in the DogWellNet Community

    In this section, we provide a summary of ways to participate in the IPFD/DogWellNet Community.

    ipfdmasterlogo-5-1-2020.png is the web platform for the International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD), and it functions as an information hub, providing links, documents, and additional resources to breeders and others in the dog world.

    The entire design and structure of the platform focuses on ‘building community’ – bringing people together.


    Below are just some of the ways you can participate in the IPFD/DogWellNet Community


    DogWellNet Forums
    We’ve developed the DogWellNet Forums to allow individuals and groups to effectively communicate, share information, reach consensus, etc., within a virtual meeting space.

    These will include Forums for tips on using the site, general discussion of dog health issues as well as Forums for Expert Panels, Working Groups, the IPFD Board and other groups.

    Access and posting permissions within the various Forums is dependent on your Membership Level (e.g., Guest, Member, Advanced Member) and/or participation in groups such as those noted above.

    We encourage newly registered Members to visit the Introduce Yourself topic in the Members’ Forum and post a brief note to tell the community a little bit about themselves.

    Click here for detailed tips on posting in the DogWellNet Forums.


    Blog Community
    Various IPFD Partners and experts have Blogs on DogWellNet, where they provide information and opinions on a number of Dog Health and Welfare issues. These Blogs are open to comments and discussion by DogWellNet Members.

    You can Follow your favourite Blogs to receive notifications when a new entry or comment is posted.

    Personal Messaging
    You can use DogWellNet’s Messaging feature to communicate with other Members, much like an exclusive email network within the site. When you’re signed in to your account, simply click on the envelope.thumb.jpg.0a7163fb150456bf74f4b button beside your name in the top-right corner of any page to access the Messaging feature. You can also message a member by clicking the Message button beside their name while viewing their profile.

    Be sure to configure your Notification Settings to choose how you wish to be notified if you receive messages from other Members.


    Commenting on Posted Content
    DogWellNet Members can provide feedback on most articles on the site by submitting their comments through the Add a Comment box below the article. Please note that comments may be subject to moderator review/approval before they can be seen by others. Once approved, they will be visible to Guests and Members.

    • Report Entry
      You can also help us keep our community running smoothly by reporting content that may contain errors, technical glitches or other issues that we should be aware of. Simply click the Report Entry link below the article (where available) to bring up the Report Entry window and enter a comment to flag the issue (optional) before clicking the Submit Report button.


    Following Content
    DogWellNet Members can Follow most of the content on the site, a feature that allows them to receive notifications when content of particular interest is updated or when new comments are posted.

    Click here for tips on how to Follow content. 


    IPFD Social Media
    Like us on Facebook | Follow us on Twitter | Subscribe to us on YouTube | Connect with IPFD on LinkedIn | Follow us on Instagram to see the latest news and updates from IPFD/DogWellNet! 


    Posting Articles
    At the moment, articles may be submitted only by those identified as collaborators and editors, not general members. Our collaborators come from our broad network of Partners and supporters, including cynological organizations (e.g., kennel clubs), health registries, research and veterinary organizations, non-profits, corporations and other stakeholders in dog health. Over time, we will welcome more contributors.

    Currently, invitation to post information to DogWellNet will, in general, be granted only to those recommended by one of our Partners or Sponsors. lf someone does not have an affiliation with an IPFD Partner or sponsor, but wants to become a contributor, they may send some background personal information, as well as details of their interest, to



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