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WSAVA Animal Welfare Guidelines for companion animal practitioners and veterinary teams (2018)

    "These guidelines are intended to assist  companion animal veterinarians throughout the world  in their understanding  of  contemporary  animal  welfare  concepts  and  science,  and  provide  guidance  on  addressing  potential  animal  welfare  problems,  navigating  some  more  common  ethical  issues,  and  promoting good animal welfare through effective communication ,  both within the veterinary clinic* and beyond."


    wsava-animal welfare-society.PNG"Big Picture" Thinking 

    "The companion animal sits in the centre of this model and is directly influenced by its owner(s), the wider community, and the veterinary care that it receives. Outside this inner circle of influence, the animal may be affected by the environment (e.g. dog off -lead exercise areas), economics (e.g. personal financial  constraints  may  affect  the  afford ability  of veterinary  care),  cultural  values  (e.g.  in  some cultures dogs are regarded as work or food animals rather than companions , while the impact of cats on local wildlife adversely affects public tolerances) , and local and international politics. These WSAVA Guidelines focus on the interactions that occur in the veterinary clinic, but this model is a reminder that we need to always keep in mind the bigger picture of how animals interact with people and the wider community and society. Furthermore, as discussed above the human -animal bond is a n integral part of this entire system and should not be underestimated."

    vpn_logo.jpgExternal link: article: WSAVA releases first global guidelines for companion animal practitioners



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