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A Veterinarian's Role in the Ethics and Welfare of Breeding Dogs

    IPFD Student Project 2016  'A Veterinarian's Role in the Ethics and Welfare of Breeding Dogs' - Overview


    The first IPFD Student Project is underway and our student, Kelly Arthur, has developed articles, a blog, and interactive modules to share with the DogWellNet community. Kelly is a 3rd year veterinary student from Colorado State University and her project is generously supported by the Skippy Frank Fund.


    Below is an overview of the scope of Kelly’s completed project.



    Goals of the project:


    1. Explore the complex, multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder aspects of ethical and welfare issues in breeding dogs; including impacts on dogs and people (human-dog interactions).
    2. Interact with various stakeholders: breeders, veterinarians, researchers, etc. to gather information on the topic and gain an appreciation of their perspective.
    3. Increase understanding of factors that challenge or support effective communication and good relationships between veterinarians and breeders.
    4. Explore aspects of optimal information transfer for this material to various audiences.


    Resources developed:


    1. DogWellNet Student Blog: Kelly's blog  includes interesting findings and thought-provoking questions that have developed through research for this project. Below are links to published blog posts.


    • Introduces the project and student—Kelly Arthur.
    • Presents questions regarding ethical dilemmas related to dog breeding including, "Is selective breeding detrimental to decreasing diversity in certain breeds?"



    • Veterinary Welfare Education in the United States
      • With input from Patricia Olson, IPFD Board member, DVM, PhD, the blog discusses educational opportunities available to students in the United States that are interested in animal welfare.
      • Touches on where training for U.S. students could be improved.





    •  Resources for Finding the Right Canine Match
      • Introduces numerous resources to provide to people interested in getting a new pet.
      • Raises questions on whether these materials are actually used to inform decisions and states there are gaps in knowledge related to sources of acquisition.



    2.  DogWellNet Articles: These are published in various sections of the website, depending on the topic.



    3. Interactive Modules: Modules serve as the most comprehensive part of the project and are interactive educational tools.



    • Its goal is for users to expose themselves to ethical questions as they relate to breeding dog welfare and use expertise from their own experience to think critically.
    • Includes numerous links to further resources, an interactive multiple choice question, and a survey on the degree to which the user is already involved in breeding dog welfare.



    • Briefly explains the importance of dogs in peoples’ lives and uses that as a platform to encourage veterinarians, veterinary students, and breeders to assist people in making informed decisions on acquisition of a dog.
    • Introduces how trends in dog popularity, including the impact of the media, can influence the health and welfare of dogs.


    Kelly is grateful for the opportunity she had to work on this project and looks forward to these resources being used by veterinary students, veterinarians, and other purebred dog stakeholders. She hopes these resources are used by the DogWellNet community as well as shared beyond DogWellNet.


    Final IPFD 3rd IDHW postcard graphic.png


    Join Kelly at the 3rd International Dog Health Workshop where she will present a poster on her important work!  Check out the host French Kennel Club's Workshop 2017 website.




    Note from Brenda Bonnett, CEO IPFD

    Thanks to Kelly Arthur, our first IPFD Student Project and to the Skippy Frank Fund for their leadership and support.  We hope to continue student projects in the future looking to further engage veterinarians and all stakeholders in the dog world as together we work to enhance the health, well-being and welfare of dogs.






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This make a lot to read =D...


I will try to comment these different posts, as soon as I find some time...


Maybe a first question: what about the role of veterinarian for the education of dog owners?

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Great you asked that! While that is a very large second module, which will soon be published, is on how a veterinarian can help influence people making more informed decisions on acquiring a new pet, specifically a new purebred dog. 

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