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    The Wheaten is probably the oldest of the four breeds. Its existence for at least 200 years can be inferred from textual references to "soft-coated" dogs. 

    Brief Description: 

    The relation of the modern Irish Terrier to the Wheaten, though less well documented, appears to have been the result of deliberate breeding experiments. So the humble Wheaten probably has a fairly mixed ancestry. Despite the long history of the Wheaten, it wasn't until 1937, that the Soft Coated Wheaten was officially recognised by the Irish Kennel Club. The breed has grown steadily in popularity since and is now well known world-wide.


    Links to Breed Descriptions: 

    1. Other Breed Description from IKC:

    Utilisation: Wheaten Terriers were always used by small farmers to kill vermin or help with the work about the farm. They were used for a long time in the difficult job of hunting badgers and otters. General appearance: A hardy, active, short coupled dog, well built, giving the idea of strength. Not too leggy nor too low to the ground. Behavior and temperament: Spirited and game. Good tempered. Most affectionate and loyal to his owners. Most intelligent. A trusty, faithful friend, defensive without aggression.

    2. See The German Kennel Club (VDH) for information and video (if available).
    (Hint: your browser should be able to Translate to English, at least for text (e.g., right click in Google Chrome or Internet Explorer).)

    Video for this breed (if available) and other breed videos are available in full length here:

    3.AKC Video (link -

    View more videos on AKC's YouTube Channel:

    Other Names for Breed: 



    Country of Origin and Parent Breed Club: 

    Country of origin: Ireland

    Parent breed club: Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of Ireland, also on Facebook

    Health and Well-Being: 

    Some sources of health information include:

    1. National kennel clubs and breed clubs (see, e.g. Breeding/Health Strategy Documents, below)
    2. Population-level statistics (see, e.g., Swedish Insurance Data, below)
    3. Research articles
    4. Breed club surveys

    Breed-Specific Articles: 


    Breed Standards: 

    There are numerous breed standards.

    The basis of breed/conformation shows is the judging of pedigree dogs against the 'Breed Standard', which is a picture in words that describes the range of features that are deemed appropriate for the breed.

    Three of the major international standards are:

    The American Kennel Club

    The Kennel Club, UK

    FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale)

    Breed-Specific Statistics: 

    1. Swedish Insurance Data

    • Breed-specific information on rates of disease and death from Agria Pet Insurance (Agria Djurförsäkring) is available for many breeds.
    This breed has information on Veterinary Care and Life Insurance.

    2. Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Registration Statistics - multiple KCs: See Downloads

    Breeding/Health Strategy Documents: 

    Health/Breeding Strategy Documents and Links:

    1. The Kennel Club, UK: Breed Watch
    2. Sweden: Breed-specific Breeding Strategies: (in Swedish) and/ or English summary
    3. Finland: The breed-specific breeding strategy for the Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (English); Also available in DogWellNet Downloads.
    4. Norway: RAS: Rasespesifikk avlsstrategi (RAS) for Irish soft coated wheaten terrier (Norwegian); Also available in DogWellNet Downloads.


    Health Surveys|Reports


    Finland:  Kerry- ja Vehnäterrierikerho ry

    Breed-Specific DNA Tests:

    Other Breed-Specific Webpages: 

    Irish Wheaten Terriers - This website contains extensive historical breed information including photos and commentary. The site creator and owner are not identified; regardless the information provided on the breed is deep. Topics covered include: History, Preservation, standard, Illustrated Standard, Irish pedigrees, Important Wheatens, Terriers of Ireland, Working Wheatens, Health and Irish Names.

    WHEATEN HEALTH INITIATIVE - an Independent Breed Health Group - This website contains health, research, pANKA, and genetics information; newsletters and update reports on NIH study of SCWTs.

    Also see:

    Wheaten Breeders Group - A Breeder Symposium was held in conjunction with the 2008 World Dog Show in Stockholm, Sweden. All breed clubs known to the Swedish Wheaten Terrier Club were contacted by in April of 2008, and asked to send a representative who could give an oral 15-minute presentation of the breeding activities in their country. Presentations from 2008 International Breeders' seminar which was offered to: "provide an overview of the breeding activities in different countries, and to learn more about how breeders and breed clubs act in order to improve for example mentality and physical health of their wheatens." are shown below:

    These presentations provide an excellent source for SCWT information, statistics and health priorities in each respective country.

    Breed-Specific Research: 



    Breed Clubs: 

    We are listing sites for breed clubs with health or other information that might be helpful. Follow links below.

    Australia: The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of Victoria, Facebook
    Denmark: The Dansk Terrier Club

    Finland: Kerry- ja vehnäterrierikerho ry

    • The breed-specific breeding strategy for the Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (English): This Breeding Strategy document contains registration numbers, effective breeding population and COIs, breed population data from other countries, information on breed mentality and behavior as well as extensive health and welfare information for this breed.

    Germany: KLUB FÜR TERRIER e.V.
    Germany: VDH
    Ireland: IKC
    Ireland: Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of Ireland, Facebook
    Norway: NORSK TERRIER KLUB - Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

    • Rasespesifikk avlsstrategi (RAS) for Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (Norwegian)

    Sweden: Svenska Wheaten Terrier Klubbens

    UK: Great Britain - Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of GB

    UK: The Kennel Club

    US: Soft Coated Wheaten Club of America

    • Newsletters - See the Newsletter section for bi-annual health news and reports from 2006 on; an index of topics covered in the newsletter here.
    • Open Registry information - The purpose of the Open Registry is to collect health information on Wheatens affected with Protein-Losing Enteropathy (PLE), Protein-Losing Nephropathy (PLN), and Renal Dysplasia (RD). Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Addison's Disease, and Renal Failure (RF) are also being tracked.

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