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    pawprint100x100transparent.pngNews & Highlights





    Two Swedish Native Breeds - Real Functional Beauties!

    New information has been added to our Pedigreed Dogs database - learn more about these two rare and exceptional native breeds from Sweden:


    Swedish Lapphund


    swedish-lapphund-800x800-fci135.pngBrief Description: 

    The Lapphunds are mainly known as the reindeer-herder but they were originally used as hunting dogs. The rearing of reindeer in a businesslike manner is relatively new. Most probably it was the Sami tribes that long ago brought the dogs with them to the Northern parts of Scandinavia. The authentic Lapphund was facing extinction in the beginning of the 20th century. (Source: Swedish Kennel Club)


    New Information & Resources on

    Read more about the Swedish Lapphund in a new entry in our Pedigreed Breeds Database.







    norrbottenspets-800x800-fci265.png.pngBrief Description: 

    It is believed that the little spitz from the North Bothnia area originates from small laikas that in prehistoric time lived with hunting tribes at the Nordkalotten. It has survived through selective laws of nature where survival of the fittest is the code, hence only the really good hunting dogs had a chance. The breed is foremost known as an excellent hunting dog for forest birds. The Swedish Kennel Club registers ca 100 Norrbottenspets yearly.  (Source: Swedish Kennel Club)


    New Information & Resources on

    Read more about the Norrbottenspitz in a new entry in our Pedigreed Breeds Database.





    Updated Information on the Swedish Vallhund


    Swedish Vallhundhundsportspecialcoverimage.png


    New Information & Resources on

    The English version of Breeding Strategy for the logosvkfontid.jpgSwedish Vallhund (Västgötaspets, Vizigothic Spitz) has been posted -- it is available in downloads and through a link on the Swedish Vallhund page in DogWellNet's Pedigreed Dogs database.












    • caninecentraletransparent800x800.pngThe SCC presents key genealogical information in Société Centrale Canine - The 5-Generation Pedigree. Development of the enriched 5-Generation Pedigree is an effort which highlights the SCC's and their affiliated breed clubs' commitment to support education of breeders and owners -- the 5-Generation Pedigree spotlights value-added traits and qualities important to purebred dogs' health and welfare.




    3rd International Dog Health Workshop


    As we await more details on the 3rd International Dog Health Workshop, have a look at our collection of information and materials from the 1st IDHW (June 2012, Stockholm) and 2nd IDHW (February 2015, Dortmund, Germany).





    spotlight logo-01.png









    IPFD's First Student Project Associate: Kelly Arthur

    By enhancing awareness of a veterinarian's responsibility to foster welfare focused practices and services offered to clients - through finding and developing educational opportunities designed to increase the veterinarian of tomorrow's understanding of health and welfare - IPFD welcomes 3rd year vet student, Kelly Arthur, our first Student Project associate.


    IPFD Student Blog

    You can view Kelly's blog on



    Read Kelly's first article on One Welfare -- An Interactive Scenario to Illuminate Brachycephalic Welfare Challenges

    Meet Kelly

    Kelly currently studies at ColoradoKelly with dog.jpg State University (Fort Collins, Colorado) and plans on a career centered around animal welfare. She'll be working on the first IPFD Student Project entitled: Veterinarian’s Role in the Ethics and Welfare of Breeding Dogs. In this project, Kelly will be developing resources to help veterinarians and other stakeholders think about the intersection of breeding dogs and animal welfare.


    In her courses at Colorado State, Kelly has immersed herself in animal welfare-related literature for both her honors thesis on feral cats as well as for the swine operation business plan she designed in a capstone Animal Science class. She has participated for three years and placed at the International Animal Welfare Judging and Assessment Contest, looking holistically at animal welfare from a literature point of view. Additionally, Kelly held an internship last summer with the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Animal Welfare Division and reviewed research related to dogs left in hot cars, the use of shock collars, and other species’ animal welfare concerns. 





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