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    The International Partnership for Dogs guides a global, multi-stakeholder effort to address issues affecting dog health, well-being, and welfare.

    This article highlights the International Partnership for Dogs work and projects to bring together stakeholders.


    infocollabaction.pngIPFD's  International Dog Health Workshops confirm the benefits from inclusion of a diverse range of stakeholders who all play relevant and collaborative parts to improve future canine health and make progress towards improving breed-related welfare. Pre-Workshop and Post Workshop reading materials are available.

    Themes covered in the 2019 workshop included:

    • Theme #1: The Concept of ‘Breed’
    • Theme #2: Supply and Demand
    • Theme #3: Breed-Specific Health Strategies
    • Theme #4: Genetic Testing for Dogs
    • Theme #5: Exaggerations and Extremes in Dog Conformation

    See the report: Moving from Information and Collaboration to Action: Report from the 4th International Dog Health Workshop, Windsor in June 2019


    • Additionally the International Collaborative on Extreme Conformations in Dogs, a global multi-stakeholder group which works together with our members and collaborators to minimize welfare issues resulting from extreme conformations in dogs by seeking out and applying evidence-based canine and human approaches was initiated by the International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD) at its 4th International Dog Health Workshop in Windsor, UK, in 2019.


    Virtual International Dog Health Meeting 1 - Theme: Standardizing Genetic Testing

    The aim of the meeting is to discuss and share relevant information around these challenges, and others, relevant to standardizing genetic reports.

    Virtual International Dog Health Meeting 2 - Theme: Genetic Diversity

    The focus of this free webinar is on genetic diversity (primarily from a genetic tests/tools view), and discussions will aim to identify genetic diversity tools and resources, and discuss priorities and actions for the benefit of dogs.

    Virtual International Dog Health Meeting 3 - Theme: Parentage Profiling for Kennel Clubs

    The aim for this meeting is to provide information and support to Kennel Clubs at all stages of integrating genetic parentage profiling and other genetic testing into registration systems or health plans, or those who are considering this for their club in the future.


    Our International Actions section contains articles on International efforts for health and welfare in brachycephalic dogs and other breeds with extreme characteristics and the Think Globally, Act Locally category contains articles promoting collective and collaborative actions for dog health and welfare and human-dog interactions.


    Dog Breeds: What You Need to Know - an IPFD Feature in WSAVA Bulletin

    IPFD Collaborating Partner, The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) publishes a regular feature in their online news section (and in the WSAVA Bulletin) that highlights IPFD resources on a particular breed with a focus on breed-specific diseases including links to Breed-Specific Health Reports - GRIHPs.

    'Get a GRIHP!' initiative, i.e. Globally Relevant Integrated Health Profiles.

    IPFD is creating a series of articles on the Big Picture of health and welfare within breeds as resources for veterinarians, owners, caretakers, breeders and others who want to understand the key issues for individual dogs and breed populations, internationally.


    The Health Strategies Database for Dogs (HSDD) is a searchable database that includes breed-specific health/mentality testing requirements and recommendations established by Health Strategy Providers (HSPs) including kennel clubs, breed clubs, veterinary organizations, etc. The Database (HSDD) is designed to provide an interactive resource by breed and condition for all diseases/conditions considered important in health strategies from international and local kennel clubs and breed organizations. The goal is to present the Big Picture of health and welfare within breeds by offering resources for those who want to understand the key issues for individual dogs and breed populations, internationally.


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