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Final of the General Agricultural Competition for Dogs at the International Agricultural Show 2015 in Paris

On the podium: 1st : Meisterhaus Signet Higher'N Higer ; Breed: Basenji ; Owner: Lise DURLOT and Dimitri HEBERT ; Breeder: Brenda CASSELL and Tad BOOKS 2nd : Fall In Love Forest Ohara Of Bloom White ; Breed : Samoyede ; Owner: Mira MITKOVA ; Breeder: Elisabeth FAUCON 3rd : Eternal Drago Of Nordic Forest ; Breed : Siberian Husky ; Owner and breeder: Valérie CHARNEAU

Anne Mary Chimion

Anne Mary Chimion

52nd edition of the International Agricultural Show in Paris

The 52nd edition of the Salon International de l’Agriculture, The International Agricultural Show, has started this weekend; it is a 9 days exhibition taking place at the Porte de Versailles show grounds in Paris from the 21st of February until the 1st of March 2015. The Salon de l’Agriculture has been for more than 50 years the annual meeting place for key players of the agricultural world: breeders, local farmers, regions, professional organizations and agricultural professional unions, differ

Anne Mary Chimion

Anne Mary Chimion

French 2014 Dog Scene

The French 2014 dog scene, as each year, was concerned by several issues: registrations and most popular breeds, shows, legislation topics, and the SCC orientations. by Anne-Marie Class Last year saw 34 CACIB shows, 94 CAC shows, over 300 regional and national breed club championship shows, 130 confirmation sessions and presentations, over 30 cups and national working championship competitions, 1700 working trials (rescue, defense, tracking, herding, hunting, sight hounds racings, agility compet

Anne Mary Chimion

Anne Mary Chimion

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