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  • The International Partnership for Dogs

    The International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD) is a non-profit organization leading a global, multi-stakeholder effort to enhance dog health, well-being, and welfare.

  • ~ Mission, Vision, Values and Goals ~


      Facilitate collaboration and sharing of resources to enhance the health, well-being and welfare of pedigree dogs and all dogs worldwide.


      An enduring global collaboration enhancing dog health, well-being and welfare, and human-dog interactions.


      • Dog health, well-being and welfare and human-dog interactions contribute to the quality of life for both species.
      • The world is a better place because we share it with dogs.
      • Dog issues are important around the globe and international sharing and cooperation is needed.


      The general goals of the IPFD are to:

      •  Enhance the health, well-being and welfare of dogs and enrich human-dog interactions
      • To facilitate sharing of knowledge, information, experience and resources across stakeholders (including, e.g., kennel clubs (KCs), veterinary and other professional organisations, health foundations, and others) to improve the health and well-being of purpose-bred dogs.
      • To provide evaluation and interpretation of information to support the actions of stakeholders in dog health, well-being and welfare
      • To facilitate specific actions to improve health and well-being of dogs, including, e.g. to design globally relevant breed-specific breeding strategies.
      • To bring the dog community closer together through (below).


      The specific objectives of the IPFD shall be to:

      • Create an online resource, i.e., to:
        • Provide a clearing house of information, documents and digital resources on all material relevant to dog health and well-being (including, e.g., breeding regulations/recommendations, national/international legislation, health information, etc.) including technology for translation to English and other languages.       
        • Promote collaboration among diverse stakeholders interested in dog well-being by increasing the contacts between them, their knowledge of each other’s activities and facilitating cooperation via electronic-communication and other means.
        • Provide evidence- and knowledge-based sharing of information, expertise and resources through evaluation and interpretation by international expert panels.
        • Provide a platform for international collaboration on specific actions, e.g. expert input / validation of tests /procedures and breed-specific strategies to improve health and well-being
      • Create a sustainable organization of relevance to and with credibility across a wide variety of stakeholders in the pedigree dog world, as well as with concerns for all dogs, everywhere, by:
        • Developing partnerships between KCs and other stakeholders in order to be globally relevant, inclusive and transparent in terms of objectives and actions.
        • Building a financial base for on-going achievement of the vision, goals and objectives.
        • Building networks of experts and supporting their work through online developments.
        • Building a collective of volunteers to contribute to the work of the organisation.






    Signature Work



    Our Platform - is the online platform for IPFD and is a curated information hub as well as housing resources to support actions by IPFD and its Partners and Collaborators.





    International Dog Health Workshops



    The IPFD's signature events, the IDHWs bring together decision makers from professional, regulatory, national and regional, welfare and other organisations that are stakeholders in dog health, well-being and welfare and human-dog interactions under the tagline 'From Information and Collaboration to Action'.





    Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs Database



    The HGTD Database catalogs information provided voluntarily from genetic test providers (GTPs) including information on their company and services, quality measures and expertise, tests offered and more. We are continually engaging more GTP participants. IPFD has collated and assembled existing and new resources for genetic counselling and education; and provided the foundation for further developments.





    Breeds Database



    As of March 2023, our Pedigree Dogs Database lists 183 breeds: information includes breed standards, population data, club newsletters, breed databases, videos and much, much more. Sections on Native Breeds and Additional Resources including Agria Breed Profiles, Globally Relevant Integrated Health Profile (GRIHP) articles which describe the Big Picture of health on (all) conditions that are of interest within a breed GRIHP and associated IPFD WSAVA Meet the Breed articles are available. Many thanks to breed experts and clubs for sharing information on their breed with the Community.



    IPFD border collie combo ann.png

    puppy and croci.png

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