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Think Globally, Act Locally - Promoting Open Dialogue and Collective Actions

    Think Globally, Act Locally - Promoting Open Dialogue and Collective Actions

    Our world is better because we share it with dogs.  Let's share responsibly!


    expanding role.pngIPFD has published an article (and done a Press Release) entitled:  Reframing Current Challenges Around Pedigree Dogs: A Call for Respectful Dialogue, Collaboration and Collective Actions (see more below).

    This article aims to build on the call to action in that publication, with further resources and suggestions on moving forward, and eventually to direct stakeholders to tools to help us pursue individual and collective actions.  This will be a 'living document' as we add links and resources over time, including reporting on the efforts of others, globally.

    Our aim is to encourage open and respectful dialogue, collective and collaborative actions, and a global perspective on issues affecting the health and welfare of dogs, including the impact of human dog interactions, the culture of dogs, legislative approaches, and emerging challenges.

    The goal is to bring together all those individuals and organizations who believe that our world is better because we share it with dogs; who believe that pedigree dogs and all dogs deserve good health and welfare; that people involved with dogs have a responsibility to ensure the well-being of dogs whether they are involved as owners, breeders, veterinarians, legislators, in the pet industry or other; that the diversity of ways in which people interact with dogs varies internationally, and traditions and cultures should be respected, but never at the expense of basic dog health and welfare.

    We are stronger together.  Everyone who wants a great future for dogs has a role to play.  IPFD has a mission to bring people together for the good of dogs.

    Below you will find ways to participate and lots of information, links, resources, and tools.  These will expand and evolve over time.




    Think Globally, Act Locally - Promoting Open Dialogue and Collective Actions

    Table of Contents

    Call to Action

    IPFD has published an article entitled:  Reframing Current Challenges Around Pedigree Dogs: A Call for Respectful Dialogue, Collaboration and Collective Actions which "reviews factors impacting current issues for pedigree dogs and is a call for open, respectful discussions, within and across stakeholder groups (e.g. dog show enthusiasts, kennel and breed clubs, legislators, dog owners, veterinarians, welfare advocates), countries and regions; a call for each one of us to examine how our personal biases, attachments, and beliefs impact these discussions; and a call to work collectively for what is truly in the best interest of dogs and the people who care for them."

    As described, there are increasing legislative actions, especially in Europe, that, although prompted by issues of health and welfare in some brachycephalic breeds, will impact all pedigree dogs, and all dogs.  And that means a significant impact on people.  As much as there is a groundswell of negative attitudes about pedigree dogs, research has shown that the human-dog bond is heavily influenced by breed and appearance, and the diversity of breeds enriches human society on many levels.  There is a need for open, respectful dialogue and collective actions in the best interest of both dogs and people.


    Links to regulatory reports and actions:


    One challenge in ongoing discussions is that the loudest voices, even some official communications from dog organizations, may not truly reflect the majority opinion.  Of course, there may be many within and outside the pedigree world who do not understand the complexity of the issues, the potential outcome and unintended consequences of legislative solutions, and the broader impact and fallout.  While understanding the differences in attitudes and realities in different regions and across stakeholder groups, and being respectful of them, there is much common ground in terms of challenges and response to them.  That is why everyone who has any interest in dogs, pedigree dogs, and the world of dogs and people has a responsibility to engaged.  How do we get those across the spectrum of stakeholders to stand up, speak up, and get engaged?

    ENGAGING CONSTRUCTIVELY in discussions of dog health and welfare

    What does that mean?

    • Understanding the issues - i.e. complexity, differences across sectors or countries.
    • Understanding clearly what you bring to the table in terms of your own background and how you can best promote positive developments.
      • There is no one right answer, and issues are impacted by attitudes and beliefs.  We may have to 'agree to disagree' on some issues, but we need everyone to be open and transparent.
      • The global achievement of dog health and welfare will require human behaviour change.  Not everyone thinks change is needed, or is willing to engage in change.  But wider forces are at play, and it is time for each of us to be clear where we are starting from... and where we want to go.  Check out our blog and attached video on human behaviour change.
    • IPFD will soon provide a 'Roadmap' that outlines suggestions on how each person and group can engage.
    • Reflect, LISTEN, then engage.  Encourage others to do the same.
    • Act responsibly and respectfully on social media; do not tolerate rudeness or personal attacks.


    responsibility big picture.png


    Some tools we have or are working on:

    Below are many resources on DogWellNet that detail the challenges, or link to examples of responsible breeding, responsible ownership, potential for the future.  We have a lot of information on challenges in brachycephalic breeds that are at the heart of the current situation.  Evidence, and research cannot be ignored.

    However, we also want to Accentuate the Positive!

    There are purpose bred dogs with good health and welfare, let's make sure to look at those, as well.

    Feel Good Videos!

    Share your experiences and resources

    • Breed clubs and kennel clubs:
      • Please share any guidelines, tools you have found helpful to:
        • ensure good social media etiquette
        • promote respectful discussions
        • help breed clubs determine their position on health and welfare in their breeds
        • tools for creating breed health strategies 
    • Contact us:



    IPFD Collage 13Sep2020.png

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