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The KC (UK) New Registration Stats for 2021

Brenda Bonnett

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The KC (UK) New Registration Stats for 2021


We recently published an article "How many are there? French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs and Pugs in Kennel Club Registries from 10 Countries" comparing registration statistics inlcuding numbers and relative percentages of the newly registered populations, and then popularity ranking.  These are simply for kennel club registrations, and the degree to which they reflect country wide numbers of pedigree and look-at-like dogs is unknown.  

It was interesting to see that in some countries, especially the UK and the USA these controversial breeds continue to maintain or increase in popularity in pedigree populations.  It is important to monitor changes in time within- and across countries.

We now have some data for 2021 from The KC, unfortunately only for the first 3 quarters. (June 2nd 2022: see a note for the whole year below the chart)

Here is the chart comparing to 2020:

The KC 2020 2021 image.png

NOTE: Data for 2021 in the graph include only the first 3 quarters.  

  • Numbers of at least French Bulldogs and Bulldogs on are track to be higher than in 2020.
  • The percent of new registrations in each period are relatively similar, perhaps a small decline, e.g. Pugs.
  • These 3 breeds, together, accounted for 22.7% of new registrations in 2020.  
  • In the first 3 Qs of 2021, together they were at 21.1% - over 1/5th of all new registrations.
  • The final numbers for French Bulldogs are 54,074 and for Bulldogs 15,403.
  • These stats show the importance of looking not only at total numbers but also the proportion/percentage of registrations.


From the KC Rank 2020    Rank 2021 3Q
French Bulldog   2 2
Bulldog    4 4
Pug   9 10




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