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  1. According to an April 15, 2015, article published by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Department of Agriculture is supporting an effort to create dog care standards that could eventually lead to development of a privately operated dog breeder accreditation program.
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    A list of the attendees of the 1st IDHW and the breakout sessions in which they participated.
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    Program of the 1st International Dog Health Workshop
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  5. PRESS RELEASE – International Dog Health Workshop The 2nd International Dog Health Workshop took place over the weekend of 14/15 February, organised by the VDH in partnership with the International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD), in Dortmund. Over 125 delegates from 18 countries attended the two day event formally known as the International Workshop on the Enhancement of Genetic Health in Pedigree Dogs. The event followed on from the 1st International Dog Health Workshop which took place in Stockholm in June 2012.
  6. The SKK - Svenska Kennelklubben (Swedish Kennel Club) is Sweden's largest organisation dedicated to dogs and dog owners, representing the interests of their 300,000 members – first time dog owners, experienced breeders, hunters, dog lovers, puppy buyers, exhibitors, agility competitors, and many more. The SKK is one of the founding partners of IPFD.
  7. DogWellNet.com, the internet platform of the IPFD, functions as an information hub, providing links, documents and additional resources to breeders and others in the dog world. However, it is much more than ‘Google-for-dogs’.
  8. New Video! The International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD), legally registered in Sweden, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate collaboration and sharing of resources to enhance the health, well-being, and welfare of pedigreed dogs and all dogs worldwide. Learn more about our Mission, Vision, Goals, and Objectives here Click a link below to jump to a section of this article: Our Organization Our Contributors Ongoing Engagement Our Board Major IPFD Initiatives Our Online Platform: DogWellNet.com Reception within the Dog Community Stay Informed Contact Us
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    The Canine Code booklet from The Kennel Club A MUST READ for anyone considering bringing a dog into a home and family. It's A Dog's Life so Take Care of It! "The aim of this booklet is to highlight the responsibilities of dog ownership and to give both owners and prospective owners guidance in developing an enjoyable and rewarding relationship with their dog." This educational booklet covers: making a good match between owner and dog - essential for a happy long-term partnership. Whether it is a puppy, pedigree, crossbreed, rescue or adult dog, the right dog for your lifestyle is very important.
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    Don't Blame the Dog - 12 Smart Rules for Dog Owners, a publication from the Swedish Kennel Club. The publication is also available from the SKK... https://www.skk.se/globalassets/dokument/att-aga-hund/kampanjer/skall-inte-pa-hunden-2013/dont_blame_the_dog_hi19_webb_lopande.pdf Other useful documents related to health, behaviour and welfare from the SKK & translated to English are available at... https://www.skk.se/en/Dog-health/
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    Dog Owners in the City Information about keeping a dog in urban areas from the Swedish Kennel Club ”Of course you can keep a dog if you live in a city. You just have to adapt to the situation and realise that you have a great responsibility to other people.” Also available from the SKK at... https://www.skk.se/globalassets/dokument/att-aga-hund/kampanjer/skall-inte-pa-hunden-2013/dog-owners-in-the-city_hi20.pdf
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    Don’t buy a puppy from a cage! Campaign against puppy factories. Puppies born in factories suffer and may carry dangerous diseases - a cheap puppy may come at a huge cost - even the cutest puppy may carry a dark secret... see the FKC's website -- https://www.kennelliitto.fi/en/dogs/dont-support-puppy-mills. To locate a breeder and litters see the Finnish Kennel Club's Puppy List https://omakoira.kennelliitto.fi/pentuvalitys/frmEtusivu.aspx?Lang=ENG Please note some links in the downloadable file are out of date/no longer available 7-2-2017. Content from www.halpapentu.fi/ website is accessible via the Wayback Machine Internet Archives: https://web.archive.org/web/20160805163632/http://www.halpapentu.fi/
  13. This article touches on the issue of puppy factories (also known as puppy mills and puppy farms): what they are, the legalities, what can be done, how to tell if you're dealing with a puppy factory breeder or puppy, and how you - the consumer - can help.
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