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Who Can Actively Participate in DogWellNet.com?

    February 2015: DogWellNet.com was opened to the public (guests) after our launch at the 2nd International Dog Health Workshop in Dortmund, Germany.


    Spring - Winter 2015 --- Continued Development Phase: As stated, the key to the success of DogWellNet is developing the community of stakeholders in the dog world to provide content, to collaborate, and to help create this resource. We have been working with members from our Partners and various Experts. Following the workshop in Dortmund we have been including an increasing number of those associated with our Partners, Collaborators and contributors. These people are helping us to develop content, but more importantly, build the community structure that will underpin ongoing international collaborations.

    Who was involved in the initial development phase?

    1. IPFD Partner Contributing Editors
      a. Each of our Partners have nominated key individuals to provide content to DogWellNet
    2. Experts: academic, industry and other experts and experienced professionals are participating in Expert Panels, Working Groups, writing blogs, etc.
    3. IPFD Board, staff and consultants
    4. Volunteers
    5. Other specific collaborators

    Who is working on the DogWellNet.com Community now?

    1. More members and contributors from our IPFD Founding Partners
    2. Those from our new Partners, Sponsors and Collaborators; organizations who join IPFD
    3. Experts: further academic, industry and other experts and experienced professionals who will participate in Expert Panels, Working Groups, writing blogs, etc., who have been identified as key collaborators in international developments
    4. Other individuals from stakeholders who can support the IPFD and development of DogWellNet.com.

    Will all the content and functionality of DogWellNet.com be open to the public?

    1. It is our goal that DogWellNet.com will be a significant and broadly available resource and we expect that considerable resources will accrue quickly. However, as stated, the first priority is development of the community that can develop and sustain ongoing efforts.
    2. There will always be at least three layers of membership: Guests, Members, Advanced Members. In this way, the community can develop and function to address the goals of supporting international collaboration for dog health, well-being and welfare.
    3. As of April 2016, Guests can sign up for a Member account to access some additional content and features on the website.


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