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International Collaboration For Dog Health And Welfare. Join Us.

Our Partners, Sponsors, Collaborators and Supporters

    The International Partnership for Dogs is based on and promotes co-operation and collaboration.

    Our Partners are Organizations.  Our membership structure - excerpted from our Statutes is:

    Membership Categories

    • Founding Partner: The national Kennel Clubs of Sweden, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, as well as the Kennel Club (UK), the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (USA) and the Agria Animal Insurance-Swedish Kennel Club Research Fund.
    • Initiating Patron: Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI).
    • Initiating Partner: Initiator to the establishment of IPFD.  Will include stakeholders who make a commitment to the organisation and/or provide funds by January 2015 and agree to ongoing support/payment of dues, as defined by the Board. (extended to end November 2015)
    •  Member: Stakeholder organization or individual that supports IPFD with financial or other contributions, as defined by the Board.
    •  Voting Member: Designated by the Board from any membership category.  In order to qualify for designation as a Voting Member, an organization or individual must have demonstrated their participation in the dog community and a commitment to dog health and well-being.
    • Sponsor: open to companies, organizations and other associations which support IPFD financially or in any other way but do not qualify or wish to be a member of the IPFD.
    • Donor: Private organizations, individuals and public institutions who support IPFD financially or in any other way but do not qualify or wish to be a member of the IPFD.

    Learn more in our Partners and Sponsors database.


    Several of our Partners maintain Blogs where they post news on their projects and initiatives. Including:

    Finnish Kennel Club News

    The Swedish Kennel Club

    Our IPFD CEO

    Our IPFD Board

    The OFA

    And, throughout the website you will find articles contributed by our Partners, Collaborators and Sponsors.









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