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IPFD: Our Consultants

    IPFD's model and resources (a modest budget and small group of consultants and Board Members) are intended to facilitate the activities of our stakeholders to achieve their priorities for the health and welfare of dogs.

    Our dedicated team of IPFD Consultants are profiled below. Brief CVs for the current members of the IPFD Board are listed here.


    IPFD Consultants:


    Aimee.gifAimee Llewellyn-Zaidi
    HGTD Project Manager

    Formerly Head of Health and Research at the Kennel Club, Aimee provided bespoke advice to Kennel Club clients, and developed evidence-based canine health resources and engagement programmes for the public and professional. Her experience at the Kennel Club included: development of the Health Team, active engagement and involvement with committees of the Kennel Club and British Veterinary Association (Canine Health Schemes); direct collaboration with international universities, and the Kennel Club Genetics Centre at the Animal Health Trust, and engagement with exciting external projects such as Vet Compass (RVC), and as a speaker at BSAVA Congress, as well as numerous publications and media engagements. Aimee was also involved in the initial development of the journal “Canine Genetics and Epidemiology,” and remains active as an editorial board member. When not working on Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs, Aimee spends her time walking her Pembroke Corgi, McDuff. 


    Ann.pngAnn Milligan
    Website Content Manager


    Ann's youth involved spending many weekends with her parents training Labrador Retrievers and attending AKC Field Trial events; so dogs, the sport of purebred dogs and AKC events have always been a big part of her life. As an adult, Ann's involvement with Bernese Mountain Dogs started when she purchased her first Berner in 1983, and shortly after, became a part of the BMD community when she joined the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Southeast Wisconsin and the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America in 1984. From 1985 through 2003, Ann was active in showing and breeding BMDs under the kennel name BonMead; the breeding program focused on breed temperament, soundness, health and longevity, produced 23 home bred litters. Ann has served in many different roles in Bernese Clubs since 1984, working in breed education, rescue, and website development/management. Experiences gained while working with dog clubs include event hosting execution, graphic and print arts branding, and fundraising at Regional and National levels. She became an AKC Conformation judge for BMDs in 2006. Currently, Ann is the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America’s website committee chair, content manager, and a site developer, and serves as webmaster for two regional BMD club websites - as well as working for businesses and other organizations on website development and maintenance.      



    Dave.jpgDave St. Louis
    Communications Specialist

    Dave is a seasoned communicator with nearly two decades of diverse experience in communications, public relations, and marketing. As a member of the DogWellNet Team, Dave helps develop and manage website content, produces DogWellNet Digest, and co-manages IPFD's social media accounts. In addition to being one of Mindy the Golden Doodle's favourite humans, Dave maintains a small menagerie of more exotic critters, including chameleons, geckos, and tropical frogs.


    James Skinner Crop.pngJames Skinner
    Recording Secretary
    (Time provided courtesy of The Kennel Club)
    United Kingdom

    James Skinner acts as the recording secretary for the IPFD, taking minutes at meetings and teleconferences. His day job is PA to the Secretary of the Kennel Club in the UK, Caroline Kisko, who is the Vice Chairman of the IPFD. He has worked for the Kennel Club for the past fifteen years but only got his first ever dog, Bertie the Westie, in July 2018!


    Web Hosting/Management




    Coding Jungle Logo.pngMichael Edwards
    PHP Developer



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