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Coefficient of Inbreeding vs. Genetic Diversity Level in Greyhounds

Coefficient of Inbreeding vs. Genetic Diversity Level in Greyhounds Coefficient of Inbreeding vs. Genetic Diversity Level in Greyhounds-update_2019.pdf IPFD Board member and veterinarian Barbara Thiel shared an English translation of this article which appeared in The Greyhound Show blog. The article includes a discussion of data available from the MyDogDNA on genetic diversity measurements in greyhounds - greyhound breeders are encouraged to read this document to gain perspective.

One Health Conference

IPFD Board Member Dr. Patricia Olson was the keynote speaker at the Inaugural One Health Program at Midwestern University on October 8, 2015 (Downer’s Grove, Illinois).  Midwestern University also has one of the newest veterinary schools in the U.S. (Phoenix, Arizona).  Physicians were paired with veterinarians to deliver lectures on obesity, pneumonia, osteochondritis dissecans and epilepsy.  Dr. Olson’s lecture was on collaborative research, using the clues from animals to help advance bo



Comparative Research News

In the past few years some of my time has been spent developing a new medical research model that advances both animal and human health. In addition, I have been working with national humane groups and the pet industry to advance strategies for breeding healthy dogs. From time to time I will submit blog entries about some of the interesting work I come across.   May 30, 2015 – Met with a donor in Minnesota who is funding collaborative research between medical and veterinary researchers to evalua



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